Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Hi everyone!
Welcome to ARCOMANIA, the new bowmaking studio in The Hague!

If you always dreamt of making your own bow, now you have a chance to do it.
I have been making historical bows for 13 years, this year I opened my workshop to anyone interested in making bows for violins/violas/celli/gambas and basses, from Renaissance to early Romantic models.

You can bring your own bow to copy or any other bow you'd like to have copy of. Or you can use any of my blueprints.

But you will learn much more than just about bow-making:
  • Re-Hairing (will save you lots of money in the future)
  • Bending the stick to adjust to your needs
  • Evaluating all kinds of bows
  • Tools and materials (wood is beautiful!)

In short, you will learn how bows work and how to adjust them to your needs.

There are still places available for you to join the class! Up to 3 students per course.
In 2017 there are several 7-day courses planned, all in the holiday weeks to accommodate student's agendas: 
  • January 2-8
  • February 24 - March 2
  • April 24 -30
       ...and more to come!

Just send applications or questions to:

Course fee is 700.- Euro, 500.- for students.
This includes:
  • Usage of all the necessary tools, materials, etc.
  • Pre-cut wood for the bow and frog
  • Hair
  • Coffee :)
  • Usage of all the machines in the workshop 


Here are some pictures of ARCOMANIA

Gamba Bow of a student, day 3

One of my students with his first bow! :)

One of my bows, copy of a mid-18th century bow

Tip of the same bow

Viola Bow

Violin Bow, 17th century

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